Wanaka Rock Climbing

"Protecting our playground for climbers of the future"

Enviromentaly conscious Guide service-

Wanaka Rock Climbing’s owners and staff are passionate about increasing awareness of environmental issues and protecting the areas that we travel in and use!

We are out in the New Zealand wilderness everyday. Through this contact have come to understand how special it is and how lucky we are as individuals as well as a business to be able to experience and enjoy the environment that we have in New Zealand!

Coming climbing with WRC gives you the opportunity to add another element to your adventure. Donate to a cause, increase your knowledge of the environment and our impact on it , learn about sustainable solutions to everyday impacts and help foster the care of this amazing place.

Matched donations to the KEA Conservation trust- 

The Kea Conservation Trust was set up in 2006 to assist in conservation of wild Kea (Nestor notabilis) in their natural habitat and to increase the husbandry standards and advocacy potential of those Kea held in captive facilities within New Zealand.
The Kea Conservation Trust was registered as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005 (registration number CC29701).

Find out more about the Kea Conservation Trust here!

Wanaka Rock Climbing have two ways to take donations:

  • Online during booking you can add an additional voluntary donation amount

  • In our office we have a Kea-Bank for cash donations

At the end of our climbing season in Wanaka we will pool the customer donations and WRC will match the total. This doubled amount will be deposited to the Kea Conservation Trust.

100% Electric and renewable Powered transport:

In January 2018 Wanaka Rock Climbing purchased a Nissan Leaf with the aim of reducing our impact on the environment that we live and work in!

Our new rock climbing mobile is 100% electric and is power by New Zealand's renewable energy sources. We are excited to be part of the community that is taking active steps towards reducing carbon emissions and moving towards more sustainable modes of transport!

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Local stewardship:

Apart from the above initiatives here is a list of things that Wanaka Rock Climbing does to help look after and improve the areas we visit:

  • Remove waste and rubbish from trails and crags

  • Encourage Leave No Trace principles with guests

  • Assist the Diamond Lake Conservation Trust to clean and reset predator trap lines

  • Are part of the WRCC (local climbing club) who put up climbing routes and maintain access of crags

  • Cleaning of established climbing routes to ensure their safety and quality

  • Assist school groups and young people in exploring and enjoying the sport.