Crag etiquette guidelines

Some guidelines for visiting climbers:

The local climbing community puts a lot of effort into developing climbing venues and maintaining tracks. Below is a code of ethics on how to behave in our local climbing area. 


Approaching the crag:

As you walk up to the crag you can help maintain tracks by pulling out bracken on the track and/ cutting spiky bushes back when you stop for a breather. 

Some gardening gloves will protect your hands!

This serves as a great warm up for that hard project too. Not to mention the instant Karma points. 


Cleaning routes:

As you take your draws off after climbing a route please: 

Check the nuts are tight-take a small spanner to tighten looser ones . 

Brush the hold for the next climber. 




Please pick up after yourself and take all rubbish home with you.  

This includes:

Climbing tape 

Used Toilet paper or wet wipes

Sanitary items

Food wrappers 

Food scraps


Pro tip: add a ziplock bag to the top of your pack to capture these items in. 


Toilet protocol:

If you need to pee please move out and away from the crag so that you pee where it will rain. 

Girls please pick up your Toilet paper after peeing and take it home. 


If you cannot sort your SHIT out before leaving home maybe it’s time to start drinking more coffee. 


A another good idea is to change venues after lunch.....this will keep things moving and give you the opportunity to visit the proper facility! On the upside you will also get to climb more of Wanaka amazing routes! 


If you do need to shit at the cliff then please use the toilets as your first option. 

We have log drop Toilets at:

•Hospital flat car park

•Diamond lake car park

•Riverside car park 

•Uphill from roadside crag on the way to the alcove. 


We understand shit happens so if in the rare occasion you are caught out please:

1: move to a spot 50m away from the crag, any tracks, any water source and any people. 

2:DIG an hole 20cm deep. 

3:Use the hole

4:place Toilet paper in the hole 

5:mix in some dirt (this helps it bio-degrade) with a stick! (Yes, were serious)

6:fill the hole with dirt 

7:cover dirt with rocks or branches 

8: plan your day better next time. 


Alternatively if you don’t feel like digging a hole then please put your shit in a couple of bags and take it home-just like a dogs. 


If people at the crag are not behaving according feel free to educate them on respecting the resource. 


If local and visiting climbers look after our crags in the above fashion we will have a beautiful, clean and safe climbing area in the years to come. 


In closing to help you achieve the above points:

7 must have items in your climbing bag-

1: Brush

2: Spanner

3: Toilet paper

4: ziplock bags

5: Garden Gloves 

6: Helmet (just wear one already)

7: Small garden trowel (for those who have self-planning issues)